English Endurance Cycling Coach About Nate

I first got into endurance sports as a runner in high-school. I didn’t show any particular promise early on. But, I really enjoyed the practice of consistent training and the experience of seeing my body and mind change with training. As a result, I saw progress and eventually, huge results.

Over the years, I also got very interested in exercise physiology and nutrition, and learned how to train better. And have continued my learning by incorporating more psychology and understanding of the brain into my training and coaching work.

I started racing bikes soon after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2007. I knew that I had some promise, but did not yet know what level of performance I would be able to reach.

Over the first year from when I started racing, I had upgraded to Cat 1 and was looking to do progressively more challenging races and trying to learn how to train and race more effectively while working full time… After a few years of continued physical development and learning how to race better, I raced professionally. I’ve set many course records and Strava KOMs. I’ve been 5th at the US Pro TT. Top 5 and top 10 at national level events. Won dozens of P12 races. And, I’ve finished 14th in the Amgen Tour of CA.

Over the years, I’ve been so grateful to have been able to reach such a high level of performance and racing success. I’ve become more and more grateful for the opportunity this has afforded me to contribute to other athletes of all levels. I’ve been able to see my athletes through dozens of racing category upgrades, race wins, and PRs across all ranges of performance. I’ve coached a U23 MTB National Champion and people in their 50s and 60s to reach performances beyond what they’ve done 20 years prior.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be a successful athlete, a lot about training, recovery, nutrition, psychology, and also about life and how much sport and physical activity can enhance our experiences throughout our lives, both inside and out of sport. Whether my clients are world class athletes trying to win national championships, trying win races, or just trying to get the most out of a busy schedule as they balance work, family, and training, I enjoy working with my clients in an effort to help them achieve their goals and have a better life experience through their participation in sport. No matter your level, I know I can contribute to your experience as an athlete.

Cycling Coach Nate English Wins 2011 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic
Nate English Wins 2011 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic

Career Highlights

1st Nevada City Bicycle Classic
1st Pescadero Coastal Classic RR/NCNCA Championships
4th Elite National TT Championships
5th Cascade Classic TT


1st Mt Diablo Hill Climb TT

3rd NCNCA TT Championships

1st Joe Martin Stage Race Stage 1 TT
1st Davis 4th of July Crit
4th San Dimas Stage Race Stage 1 TT
4th Leesville Gap RR
5th Joe Martin Stage Race GC
6th SRAM Tour of the Gila Stage 1
6th Cascade Classic Stage 2 TT
7th Tour de Beauce Stage 4 TT
14th Tour of California GC
14th Tour of California Stage 2 to Palm Springs

1st Sea Otter Classic TT
1st Mt San Bruno Hill Climb (course record)
1st Madera Stage Race Stage 1 TT
1st Mt Hood Classic Stage 2 TT
1st Everest Challenge Stage Race
1st Everest Challenge Stage 1 and 2
2nd Cascade Classic Stage 2 TT
2nd Nevada City Classic
2nd Madera Stage Race Overall GC
3rd Mt Hood Classic Overall GC
3rd San Dimas Stage Race TT
4th Mt Hood Classic Stage 4
4th Pleasanton Dash-for-Cash Crit
5th US Pro National TT Championships
5th Cascade Classic Overall GC
5th Redlands Classic TT
5th Madera Stage Race Stage 2 TT
5th Pescadero Coastal Classic RR
7th Tour of the Gila Stage 3 TT
10th Tour of the Gila Overall GC

4:18:34 Miami 70.3 Triathlon (38th overall, 6th within age-group)

1st Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Overall GC
1st Stage 2 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Time Trial
1st Stage 4 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic
1st Cat’s Hill Classic
1st Everest Challenge SR (1st stage 1, 2)
1st Mt Diablo Hill Climb TT
1st Mt Diablo Challenge
1st San Bruno Hill Climb
2nd Panoche Valley Road Race
2nd Fremont Peak Hill Climb
3rd Nevada City Classic
3rd Copperopolis Road Race
3rd Stage 1 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic
5th Mt. Hamilton Road Race
5th Berkeley Hills Road Race
5th Stage 2  MERCO Cycling Classic Time Trial
5th Sea Otter Classic ITT
6th Sea Otter Classic Circuit Race
8th San Dimas Stage Race ITT
8th Stage 1 SRAM Tour of the Gila Mogollon Road Race (NRC Stage Race)
9th Stage 3 SRAM Tour of the Gila Time Trial (NRC Stage Race)
9th Stage 2 Cascade Classic Stage Time Trial (NRC Stage Race)
10th Redlands Classic Prologue TT (NRC Stage Race)

4:37:55 Miami 70.3 Triathlon

1st Everest Challenge SR (course record)
1st Mt Diablo Hill Climb (course record)
2nd Pescadero RR
2nd Berkeley Hills RR
2nd Mt Hamilton Classic RR
2nd Mt Tam Hill Climb
2nd Berkeley Hills ITT
2nd Benicia ITT
2nd Napa River Velo Crit
3rd Calaveras ITT
3rd Copperopolis RR
3rd Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Overall GC
3rd Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Stage 4 Road Race
5th Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Stage 3 Time Trial
6th Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Prologue

1st Wente Vineyards RR
1st Everest Challenge SR
1st Mt Diablo Hill Climb
2nd Cherry Pie Crit
2nd Patterson Pass RR
3rd Madera SR GC (2nd in uphill time trial)
4th Elite Nationals TT
5th Mt Hood Classic TT
7th Mt Hood Classic Prologue
7th Mt Hood Classic Overall GC

1st Berkeley Hills RR
1st Diablo Challenge Hill Climb (course record)
1st Ross Hill Climb (course record)
1st Mt Tam Hill Climb
1st Everest Challenge SR
4th Wente Vineyards RR
4th NorCal/NV RR championships
4th NorCal/NV TT championships
10th Elite Nationals TT

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