I’m a professional cycling and endurance sports coach. I work with athletes of all levels to reach new levels of performance and achieve their goals, while also working to make the process healthy and enjoyable. We’re best able to achieve our goals and perform our best when we’re happy and healthy. Injured or unhappy athletes cannot do their best on a consistent basis.

I draw on over 20 years of experience as an athlete and 10 years as a coach. I had humble beginnings running cross-country and track in high-school, and was able to learn and keep working my way up to becoming a professional cyclist with multiple top finishes in races across the US. I didn’t show particular promise early on, but continued to learn and work hard to keep improving, always enjoying the process and staying nearly injury free.

I use my experience and knowledge that I’ve gained first hand and from other coaches and scientists to help others succeed in reaching their potential, whether that’s a PR on a local climb, finishing Leadville, winning their age group, or winning a national championship. [I’ve been grateful to work with athletes to accomplish all of these things multiple times over.]

Mt Diablo photos 102

As an athlete, I’ve been pleased to achieve many of my goals:

  • 5th at US Pro TT
  • 14th at the Amgen Tour of California
  • winner Mt Hood Cycling Classic Stage Race
  • multiple top 5s and 10s at the Cascade Classic, Tour of the Gila, Joe Martin Stage Race, Redlands Classic, etc.
  • dozens of Pro/1/2 wins
  • multiple course records
  • a 4:18:34 Ironman 70.3 with no swimming and 1 month of run prep

I offer guidance in training planning, workouts, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and mental practices to help athletes perform their best and have a good time doing it.

I’ve coached athletes to:

  • a U23 National MTB Championship win
  • age group win at Leadville 100, road, gravel races, and mountain bike races
  • multiple top 5 and top 3 finishes at U23 MTB Nats
  • dozens of race category upgrades
  • dozens of podium appearances and race wins
  • >10% power increases across all energy systems
  • big PRs in time trials and endurance events
  • Strava KOMs and QOMs on popular segments (including losing some of my own KOMs! haha)
  • helping take the small El Cerrito High School NICA team to a League Championship and 2nd at States in two consecutive years
  • people in their 50s and 60s to fitness as good or better than what they experienced 20+ years earlier in life

I continue to be impressed with my athletes. I find joy and excitement in knowing that they’re growing as athletes, having a good experience, and that I get to have a part in it.

Full-time Coaching and Consulting with Nate

Most of my work with athletes involves a full-time coaching relationship with personalized guidance and ongoing interactions (text, email, phone, etc.). I also do consulting work with athletes who would like specific, personalized guidance on their training, nutrition, race strategy, or in other areas, and feel that a less hands-on approach is a good fit for their needs. For full time coaching, my rate is usually $350-600 per month. For consulting work, it depends on the interaction, and is often in the range of $200-500 for personalized training guidance and some email and/or phone support as the athlete gets going. For all of my athletes, I’m always up to discuss questions or concerns and adjust guidance as needed, whether you’re a full-time client or occasionally work with me as a consultant. We simply expect more of this on an ongoing basis when engaged full-time.

If you are in a youth or team environment and want to discuss working together in some other capacity, then please feel free to reach out and we can see if there’s a way that I can be useful to you or your group. I’ve been grateful to be able to work with a few high-school and collegiate teams, and am always happy to help empower the next generation of racers and leaders.

Getting Started

Usually our work together starts as a conversation over email or a phone call. [] As we get started, we want to understand your athletic background, strengths and weaknesses, and personal characteristics. All of this will inform how we choose to construct your particular training program. We want to understand your history, goals, and constraints to come up with an effective approach that will work for you. We want it to be challenging and fun, so that we can enjoy training and see the best results possible. Depending on the situation, we are often surprised by what we can accomplish with consistent, smart, and challenging effort applied over time.

As we train together, we’ll maintain an ongoing conversation that ranges as needed. We may discuss things across a range of topics… from the specifics of a workout, making training adjustments, pacing and nutrition for endurance events, race tactics, etc. etc. We want to keep our conversation going at a level that will be useful for us, so we both understand how things are going and go through the process with adjustments as needed. Sometimes we may get sick, need to travel, adapt quickly, face event cancellations, or who knows what else, so we’ll always be re-designing as these things come up, while maintaining commitment to our goals and sound training practices.

Every athlete is different, and even the same athlete is different over time. Our training will always follow the same general principles, but the application of those principles can vary widely depending on where we’re at and where we’re trying to go.

Bike Fitting

I offer bike fitting in-person or remotely. In person fit guidance is more precise, though some very useful adjustments can be made remotely if that is a better fit for you.

In person fits are $200, with the option for follow up adjustments as needed. Our strength, flexibility, and riding goals can evolve, so our bike fits may need adjustment to match that.

Remote fitting guidance is $100. You’ll share some info about your riding, your equipment, goals, etc. and you’ll need to provide some video of you on the bike a few times throughout the process. A cell phone or action camera can be fine for this, mounted about 1m or 3 ft off the ground or similarly placed with the help of a partner filming you. Follow up consulting on this is also welcome as needed.

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