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Should I do some fitness testing?

Fitness testing can be a very useful tool. If you’re looking to have a standardized way to check up on your fitness from time to time, if you’re looking to set benchmarks before engaging in a new training program or a new season, or if you’re just curious to test yourself and get a number […]

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What makes a good warm-up?

A good warm-up is instrumental to any good performance, whether it’s a hard workout or a race. You can’t do your best unless you’re both mentally and physically prepared for the effort. In general, what follows is advice about how to approach any kind of hard workout or race, but of course there are a […]

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How can I maximize my endurance?

So, recently I’ve been thinking about various things that you could do if you were trying to train your endurance if you were significantly limited in some way or another. Basically, the question is, how can I hack better endurance? Plenty of people don’t have enough time to ride as long as they would ideally […]