Full-Time Coaching

My coaching programs are structured to optimize an athlete’s individual strengths, meet specific goals, and complement the athlete’s personal characteristics, while working with athlete’s schedule limitations and training preferences. Every athlete is different, has different goals, different attributes, and personal training histories, so I strive to integrate all of that data into our training plans and even racing strategies if that’s a topic of discussion for us. Each program is specifically tailored to the athlete, leaving room for flexibility and responsiveness to achieve the greatest progress in each individual’s athletic development. Another unique feature of my coaching is that I am always open to comments, questions, or requests for feedback or adjustments. Unlike other coaching services I don’t limit emails and texts, and I’m always available via email or text to answer questions, or we can always schedule a phone conversation or coffee shop meeting if you’re local.

I work with athletes of all levels from novices to world class performers, I work with athletes whether they have access to a power meter, heart rate monitor, or neither. In general, I have two main tiers of coaching services that  Whatever your goals, fitness level or background, I’m focused on helping you get the best out of yourself, and have been very happy to see dozens of athletes reach new peaks in fitness or achieve better race results than they ever had before, and often on very limited schedules.

peak power curve

All coaching programs start with an initial interview process (via email or in person). Together we get an idea of where you are in your athletic or competitive development, and together can work on goals or targets for your training or racing. Ongoing training will include personalized training plans with annotated workouts, open communication, and adjustments as needed or recommendations if you get sick, lose sleep over a work project, or anything else like that. I want to use my knowledge and experience to help you get more out of your endurance sports training and racing.

For new clients, my monthly rate starts at $300 per month. Everyone is different and depending on what you need, we can discuss what level of ongoing attention and support will be best for our coaching relationship. If you are interested in getting advice on your training, a well balanced training plan, or want feedback or analysis of what you’re doing, but don’t want ongoing support or can’t budget for that, reach out to me about consulting work. I’m always looking to do what I can to help you get better on whatever level is appropriate for you.

Email me at Nate@EnglishEndurance.com if you’re interested in working together or have any questions.