Full-Time Coaching

My coaching work is aimed at helping you get the most out of your training so that you can reach new levels of fitness and achieve goals that matter to you, while working around personal constraints that you may have. Every athlete is different. We all have different goals, attributes, training histories, and constraints. Our bodies all operate on the same general physiological principles, but we want to use an understanding of those principles to create a plan that works within your constraints to achieve progress in areas that matter to you.

My monthly rates start at $300 per month. This includes custom plans, open communication, and ongoing email and text support throughout your training. If you want phone calls every week or more to check in about workout, event strategy, and post-event debriefs, then we can discuss if it will be appropriate to set a higher rate. This often makes the most sense for an active racer during the peak of racing season, or a very focused athlete looking to perform well at a goal event.

Every athlete that I work with gets customized guidance and support. Everyone’s history, goals, and schedule is different, so their training is different, too. And, I’m always available for comments, questions, or adjustments as needed along the way. I don’t put a cap or schedule on emails and texts. I’m always up for answering questions or discussing topics as they come up, and we can always schedule calls or local meetings as needed.

I work with athletes of all levels, from novices to world class performers. I work with athletes with or without a power meter or heart rate monitor, though both of those tools can be very useful. Whatever your goals, fitness level or background, I’m focused on helping you get the most out of your training, and have been happy to see dozens of athletes reach new peaks in fitness or achieve better results than ever before, often on very limited schedules or years after their age should be limiting their progress.

peak power curve

We’ll always start by discussing where you’re at, what your constraints are, and what your goals or priorities are. We can get an understanding of where you’re at and where you want to go, so that we can come up with a relevant and specific plan for you to move forward.

We’ll make a training plan with annotated workouts, and maintain open communication, and adjustments as needed or recommendations if you get sick, lose sleep over a work project, or anything else like that. I want to use my knowledge and experience to help you get more out of your training and racing.

If you are interested in getting advice on your training, a hands-off training plan, or want feedback or analysis on what you’re doing, but don’t want ongoing support, reach out about consulting work. I’m always looking to do what I can to help you with your training.

Email me at Nate@EnglishEndurance.com if you’re interested in working together or have any questions.