Training Program

English Endurance coaching programs are structured to optimize an athlete’s individual strengths, meet specific goals, and complement the athlete’s personal characteristics, while working with athlete’s schedule limitations and training preferences. Each program is specifically tailored to the athlete, leaving room for flexibility and responsiveness to achieve the greatest progress in each individual’s athletic development. What makes English Endurance unique is the emphasis on constant, open communication between coach and athlete. Unlike other coaching services that make you pay more to contact your coach more often, Nate is always available via email or phone to answer questions.

Nate works with athletes of all levels, whether they have access to a power meter, heart rate monitor, or neither. English Endurance offers two coaching plans, which are detailed below.  Whatever your goals, fitness level or background, English Endurance is totally focused on helping you get the best out of yourself.

peak power curve

English Endurance Coaching Plans

All coaching programs start with an initial interview process (via email or in person) and include goal setting and weekly personalized training schedules.

Email if you’re interested in working together or have any questions.



Fully custom training plan, including cross training workouts, nutritional advice, and race strategy advice
Annual training calendar and race planning overview
Power/HR training guidelines
Flexibility with plan revisions and unlimited email communication, phone communication by request and availability
Detailed Power/HR guidelines for each workout
Power/HR tracking, feedback, and analysis for key workouts
Optional: Resting HR and body weight tracking and training adjustments