If you’re interested in having me help you with your training, but you already have a coach you trust or are self-coached and would just like a second opinion about how it is going, or about what you could do differently to improve your performance, then feel free to reach out and let me know what you need.

Maybe you’d like some significant guidance in your training, and want mee to create a monthly, quarterly or annual training outline, but would rather work out the day-to-day details on your own. Or maybe you’re anticipating an upcoming stage race, and you’re not sure what to do leading up to it and want help with your preparation. Or maybe you want to know what to do in the weeks after a big race to maximize your recovery so that you can prepare for the next big event.

Whatever your training needs, I would be glad to hear from you and discuss your needs. I’m happy to act as your training consultant on an as-needed basis with as little or as much help as you want. Email me at

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