If you’re interested in having me help you with your training, but you already have a coach you trust, or if you are self-coached and would like a deeper perspective on your training, how it is going, and what you might do differently to improve your performance, please reach out and we can have a conversation about your situation.

Maybe you’d like some significant guidance in your training, and want a monthly, quarterly or annual training outline, but would like to work out the details on your own. Or maybe you’re anticipating an upcoming goal event, and you’re not sure how to dial in your preparation leading up to it. Or maybe you want to know what to do in the weeks after a big race to maximize your recovery so that you can prepare for the next big event. I have years of experience in those situations and have had dozens of interactions with athletes, helping them along their own paths.

Whatever your needs, I would be glad to hear from you and start a conversation. I would love to contribute to your experience as an athlete, whether as your consultant or full time coach. Email me at

Generally, consulting rates are $80/hr for meetings, in person or virtual. Training plans with guidance of how to implement range from $400 up, depending on your needs.

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