I’ve been an endurance athlete for more than 20 years. I started my journey as an athlete when I got into running cross-country and track in high-school. I didn’t show anything spectacular early on, but loved the experience and growth I experienced as an athlete. I fell in love with training, learning about the human body, and working to become the best athlete I could become. Now I help others do the same.

Mt Diablo photos 102

From my modest beginnings as runner who cross-trained on the bike, I developed into an athlete with some strong results that include:

  • 5th at US Pro TT
  • 14th at the Amgen Tour of California
  • winner Mt Hood Cycling Classic Stage Race
  • multiple top 5s and 10s at the Cascade Classic, Tour of the Gila, Joe Martin Stage Race, Redlands Classic, etc.
  • dozens of Pro/1/2 wins
  • multiple course records
  • a 4:18:34 Ironman 70.3 with no swimming and very little run prep (ha!)

I offer guidance in training planning, workouts, nutrition, hydration, sleep, mental practices, and mindfulness practices to help give people perform their best as athletes and have a good time doing it.

I’m grateful that I’ve reached a certain level of success myself and even more so to help many other athletes do the same, whether they’re setting PRs, winning races, or National Championships!

I’ve coached athletes to:

  • a U23 National MTB Championship win
  • multiple top 5 and top 3 finishes at U23 MTB Nats
  • dozens of race category upgrades
  • dozens of podium appearances and race wins
  • >10% power increases across all energy systems
  • massive PRs in time trials and endurance events
  • the small El Cerrito High School NICA team to a League Championship and 2nd at States in two consecutive years
  • people in their 50s and 60s to fitness as good or better than what they experienced 20+ years earlier in life

I continue to be impressed with my athletes and find joy and excitement in knowing that they are growing as athletes and having a good experience, getting more out of it in part because of my contribution.

Training with Nate

Coaching is an ongoing series of interactions. Usually my relationship with athletes starts as a conversation in person or over email. [You can reach me at] As we get started, my interest is to better understand your athletic background, strengths and weaknesses, and personal characteristics. All of this will inform how we choose to construct your particular training program. I want to understand your history, your goals, and your constraints to come up with the best approach that we can. We want your training program to be effective, efficient, but also fun and highly replicable, so that you can stick to a program you enjoy and see the best results we can. Depending on the situation, athletes are often surprised by what they can accomplish with consistent, smart, and sometimes challenging effort applied over time.

As we get your training going, we’ll continue on a conversation that ranges as needed from the specifics of individual rides, to making day to day adjustments as things come up, to pacing and nutrition strategies for endurance events, or tactics for a goal race. It’s good to keep the conversation going so that we both understand how things are going and what we can do to best proceed. Sometimes people get sick, or have to travel for work, and sometimes they’re feeling awesome, their progress is quicker than expected, and in either case, we can look at adjusting things as needed to try to keep designing the best program we can. Every athlete is different, and even the same athlete is different over time, so our training will always follow the same general principles, but the application of those principles can vary widely depending on where you’re at and where you’re trying to go.


If you’re interested in getting guidance from me, but don’t think that an ongoing, full-time coaching relationship is right for you at this time, then please reach out to me about what’s on your mind. I’m always interested in contributing to your growth as an athlete, even if we don’t keep in touch regularly… Let me know what’s on your mind, what you’re training for, and what you’d like help with.

I’m happy to help by hearing from you about your training, looking over power files and your peak power curve, or hearing how your races have been, and then provide you some training suggestions or workouts to help you modify your training for the better. Even if you just want some advice on how to recover from a big stage race or mid season peak, and build your fitness from there, I’m happy to act as your training consultant on an as-needed basis.

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