For over a decade, Nate has committed himself to developing his own athletic potential, learning as much as he can about the athlete’s body, and learning how to maximize its health and performance. From modest beginnings as a high-school runner and cross-training cyclist, Nate has developed himself into an athlete that has won over a dozen Pro/1/2 races, had dozens of podium appearances, holds multiple course records, and had no serious injury issues while continuing to enjoy his training and his sport. Now, Nate is committing himself to helping other athletes develop their physical abilities, their understanding of their training, rest and nutrition, and their appreciation of their sport.

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Training with Nate

Training with Nate begins with a pre-training interview that aims to gather pertinent information about your athletic background, strengths and weaknesses, and personal characteristics, all of which will inform how we choose to work out your particular training plan. Work may also be done in person to assess fit issues and maybe to conduct some basic fitness testing, when there is interest and reason to do so. In addition, if you already train with a power meter, Nate will look at some of your power data to better assess where you’re at… Basically, Nate would like to know as much about you as an athlete as possible, so that he can do his best to optimize your development by recommending appropriate training, cross-training and recovery protocols. A thorough introductory process will help get things more dialed-in from the start. We’ll come up with a training plan specific to your goals, fitness level, and training background. All of the training plans we work on together are customized to your needs and goals.

As Nate prescribes you a particular workload and recommends periods of rest and recovery, he’ll want to hear from you on an on-going basis to learn how things are going as each workout is done and each week goes by. It’s essential to your development and continued progress that Nate gets feedback from you at least once a week so that we can modify things if necessary to meet your needs, whether it be scheduling around work or personal obligations, weather, feelings of fatigue or exceptional adaptation and greater than expected recovery. As your athletic partner, Nate is committing all of his experience and knowledge of the athlete’s body to help you on your way to maximizing your potential. We’re aiming to make sure you’re constantly challenged with your training, but not overworked, allowing for optimal fitness gains.

Basically, everything is custom. Everything is based on the same principles of training, but everything is tailored to the individual, and everyone has as much access as they need into Nate’s insights. All athletes are welcome to get in touch at any time.


Maybe you’re interested in having Nate help with your training, but you already have a coach you trust or are self-coached and would just like a second opinion about how things are going and about what you could do differently to improve your performance. Nate would be happy to help you out by hearing from you about your training, looking over power files and your peak power curve, or hearing how your races have been, and then provide you some training suggestions or workouts to help you modify your training for the better. Even if you just want some advice on how to recover from a big stage race and build on your fitness from there, Nate is happy to act as your training consultant on an as-needed basis with as little or as much help as you feel you need.


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