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Triathlon Body Mass and Pacing

Thoughts on Triathlon continued from the last article… Body Composition: As a cyclist, I know that I perform well when I weigh about 163-165 lbs/74-75kg. I’m 6’2″, and that puts me at about a BMI of about 21. That’s great for cycling, but for triathlon, I’m not sure yet what’s ideal. So the question is: […]

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Thoughts on Triathlon

As I work on transitioning into triathlon, I’m clearly approaching a different set of challenges and have to orient my training very differently than I’ve been doing for road cycling the last several years. The obvious questions I face, along with any athlete, is how do I best train for my goal events? Well, here […]

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Getting From Running to Cycling Fitness

Recently, I was chatting with a triathlete who has more experience running and feels more confident about it. This athlete also thinks that cycling is the hardest leg for them. How can a fit runner get better at cycling or become a better multi-sport athlete? For those that like to get to the point, I’d […]