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Damage Control: Training When You’re Slammed with Work or Life

It happens to everyone. Sometimes things are going good and steady. You wake up, you get some training in, you do your work, relax or go out on the weekends, and everything’s fine. But then something comes up or your schedule changes, and then it seems like training is disrupted, interrupted, or otherwise just plain messed […]

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Thoughts on Triathlon

As I work on transitioning into triathlon, I’m clearly approaching a different set of challenges and have to orient my training very differently than I’ve been doing for road cycling the last several years. The obvious questions I face, along with any athlete, is how do I best train for my goal events? Well, here […]

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How should I approach the off-season?

It’s October now, and for most cyclists that means that the competitive season has been done for probably 1-2 months now. In all likelihood, you’ve taken some time off the bike, or at least shied away from doing a lot of intense workouts, intervals, and all of those things race-specific in your training, which is […]