Running as Cross-Training for Cyclists

I got into endurance sports first as a runner and then as a cyclist. I still enjoy running and find that it is an excellent workout. There are certain habits I try to keep in order to make the most of my running and hopefully lower my chance of injury. Here is a short video going over some of how I approach running as a compliment to cycling.

If you’re interested in mixing it up in the off-season, more efficient training, or just mixing it up for fun or to get into triathlon or duathlon, then please be smart about it and ease into it. Even if you’re very fit as a cyclist, it takes a little time for your legs to get used to the pounding, and you will need to develop some muscles that you don’t really use on the bike.

I’ll come up with a little more specific suggestions for how to get into running and how to progress, but for now, I hope some of this is helpful and a good starting point.