Equipe Quarterly and quick update

If you’re like me, you always wish that you had more time for all of the things that you’d like to do. As it happens, my schedule has been pretty full lately, which hasn’t left me enough time to finish any good articles for this site, though I would love to. But, no need to worry because I will have more up soon, so please keep an eye out.

Elements_in_pinkIn the meantime, go check out I’ve been working with my best friend, Kim, to start a line of cycling clothes. At first we thought that it would be nice to make a jersey with my coaching logo on it in a cool design that was colorful and stylish, but not flashy or heavily branded. Mostly this started out just for fun.

That happened months ago, but we kept thinking about making jerseys, bibs, and accessories that people would want to wear when they didn’t have to or want to wear team kits, and maybe didn’t want plain black or red or blue jerseys with big branding on them. It seemed to us that many people are often with their style choices to team kits, pro team kits, plain jerseys with heavy branding, or just a few select brands of stylish clothing that may or may not be to their taste.

We decided that we wanted to make clothing that people would love to wear because they had bright colors, but weren’t flashy, that had good designs, but weren’t too serious or too loud, and weren’t heavily branded with huge logos or name brands. So, we came up with Equipe Quarterly. The idea is to have kits for when you’re not on a team, and to have relatively limited production so that we can come out with new designs on a regular basis. Mostly we just want to make great looking, functional clothing that’s fun to wear, with new styles coming out to keep from getting boring.

Please check it out and by all means, place an order and email me with feedback on the designs. We just launched our site and have some jerseys, neck gaiters, and caps in stock with other jerseys and sweet bibs in production available for pre-order. I’ve been enjoying doing all of the design work with feedback from friends, so let me know what you like or would like to see!


On the training and coaching side of things, I’ve had my schedule quite full with bike shop work, working with my athletes, and starting Equipe, so I haven’t been able to finish any articles lately. But, I’m working on a few ideas and will put up a few new things soon! Please check back if you’re interested in bone-density, cycling, and nutrition issues. And more will follow soon thereafter.