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What’s going on?

Well, briefly. Last weekend, I went to Miami with my girlfriend to do the Miami 70.3 triathlon. This weekend, I went to a charity ride with Fast Freddie Rodriguez to help raise money for EBI (Escuela Bilingue Internacional).

I did the 70.3 last year, which was my first triathlon. I did it in 4:30-something with a poor swim, decent bike leg, and almost okay run, but that was with no swimming as prep and 1-2 runs per week up to maybe 8 or 9 miles a couple of times. That was good, but this year was better. I did a bit more running, but still maxed out at maybe 10 miles per week. This was mostly because I was being cautious about trying to keep from getting injured, and because I was still trying to spend a decent amount of time on the bike, half of which was on the TT bike for a few weeks. And, I still didn’t swim, which I’m sure hurts me, but not as much as having trouble keeping water out of my nose.

In any case, the swim was a few minutes faster this year, but I still need to find a better nose-plug or a breathing technique to allow me to swim uninhibited. The bike leg, surprisingly, was quite a bit better this year than last. Last year’s bike was good, but this year’s was very good (I think 6th fastest). And, the run was steadier than last years, a few minutes faster, but I had some side-stitches that kept me from breathing as easily and running as quickly as I would have wanted… Still, this year I finished in 4:18 and a few seconds, which was good in my mind, and good enough for 38th overall, and 6th in my age-group. I’m thinking I might plan on heading back there again next year aiming for a faster time again. Anyone want to line up as a sponsor for when I switch from bike racing to triathon?

Then, today, I was pleased to go for a charity ride that Freddie was putting on for a local school here in the Oakland-Berkeley area. We went for a relaxed 2 hour ride on local roads and helped raise money to keep the school going strong. Time well spent in my mind.

Now, I’m looking forward to getting in a good routine of strength training, running and mostly endurance bike riding to lay the foundations for what I hope is a good season in 2013.

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