Coaching Random musings

First Post

First post to the English Endurance blog! Nate English is planning to offer coaching services in the coming months. Watch for his athletes beginning in 2012!

Why Coach?

Nate has always been self-coached. It’s been a steep learning curve. If you’ve kept track of his results over the past years (starting in 2008 when he leapt from a Cat. 4 to a Cat. 1 in the course of six months), you’ll notice that his fitness, racing smarts, and confidence as an elite athlete have grown exponentially. His natural curiosity about physical limitations of the human body, willingness to explore the depths of the pain cave, and passion for hard work have inspired many athletes to seek his advice about training and nutrition. Naturally, Nate figured, why not offer complete training schedules and other guidance? Why not help athletes reach their goals with the help of his training techniques and support? English Endurance is the result of these musings, and Nate’s coaching philosophy is a flexible, responsive, and specific approach to endurance sports… specific to the sport and the athlete, their goals, abilities, schedule and personality.

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